What Is Cruelty Free Makeup? 

 October 23, 2020

By  Root Minerals

Cruelty free makeup is a term used to describe products made without the use of any ingredients found in animal testing. The FDA does not regulate this term, nor have any guidelines on what constitutes cruelty free cosmetics.

Some people argue that the term cruelty is used to evoke images of tortured animals being experimented on. This is untrue as no animals are being used in the test. This testing is done by independent companies who want to be completely assured they are not putting any harmful chemicals or poisons into their products. They will only use materials which are all natural, biodegradable and safe.

There are no laws in the United States which require cosmetics companies to be cruelty free. This is because the United States has no uniform regulations for cosmetics manufacturers. There is no one national standard which applies to all makeup. Each company is required to follow the laws of their state. While some states have passed laws requiring companies to use cruelty free cosmetics and products, others have no such requirements.

Many companies will offer free trials which allow consumers to try out the products before purchasing them. This gives people an opportunity to try out different colors or brands to see which ones work best for them. Companies are allowed to test on humans for up to one year without the FDA being notified. This can help determine whether the cosmetics are safe and whether they would provide any benefits for the consumer.

Cruelty free cosmetics do not necessarily mean a product is free from chemicals. Many companies use harsh abrasive ingredients, parabens and alcohols. These ingredients are dangerous and may cause skin irritation, allergic reactions or irritation of the eye if ingested.

Many cosmetics companies use artificial fragrances which can cause allergic reactions. Fragrances can also clog the skin, which causes irritation and makes it difficult to remove makeup.

Cosmetics that are cruelty free are not necessarily made with only natural ingredients. Many companies still use synthetic ingredients such as mineral oil, waxes, alcohols, dyes and other fillers. which all have harmful side effects.

People should avoid buying cruelty free makeup in any form. Any type of makeup which contains animal derived ingredients should be avoided as they will cause a variety of problems.

Cruelty free cosmetics will contain no perfumes, dyes or other artificial colors. All natural colors are considered to be safer for people’s health. If you are allergic to certain colors, then you will want to look for a product that contains a wide range of colors so that you can find a color that is safe for you to use.

Most cruelty free makeup contains at least one ingredient which is not suitable for pregnant women. or those who are breast feeding. While some may contain dyes and preservatives which can be harmful to the skin.

These ingredients are not dangerous to anyone but can be harmful to the unborn child. If you are pregnant, then you should stay away from any type of makeup that contains artificial dyes or preservatives. or fragrances. These ingredients are not safe to use.

Most manufacturers of these types of cosmetics products will not claim that their products are safe if they do not include any warning on the packaging or on the website. If they state that a product contains no chemicals or preservatives, then it should be safe for most people to use.

There is no need to buy a cruelty free makeup if you do not have to. As long as it is safe to use and is made with ingredients that are completely natural, then it is safe for you to purchase.

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