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 September 30, 2020

By  Root Minerals

Mascara can make or break your whole look. If you’re not careful, you could end up with smudged lashes, tangled lashes, and just plain clumpy lashes. Unfortunately, it’s a lot easier to just accept having bad eyelashes than it is to actually do something about it.

There are mascara products out there that are cruelty free, but the problem is that the products that say they aren’t are usually the most expensive brands. You definitely don’t need to be a vegan or vegetarian to support animal testing, but you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a product that isn’t animal-friendly either.

The most popular brands of mascara on the market now are not just cruelty free but clump free and smudge proof, too, which means that you get stunning lashes and confidence all in one package. They also won’t irritate your eyes and cause any irritation to your skin, which is an added bonus if you suffer from acne and skin irritation.

Nowadays, there are also some cruelty-free mascara that doesn’t contain any form of animal-derived ingredients. However, you may find that these products are too dense and heavy to actually work, so it’s a good idea to test them on a few cotton swabs first before making a purchase.

A good way to gauge the effectiveness of a cruelty-free mascara is to try on different brands. There’s no reason to spend a ton of money on mascara that doesn’t work. The majority of these brands won’t cause any irritation to your skin, which means that the chemicals used to create the mascara won’t irritate your eyes or your eyesight.

There are also many companies that use only plant-based or animal tested ingredients in their makeup, which means that they are cruelty free. These brands usually use plant based oils or waxes as the base ingredient for their mascara and often contain animal derived minerals such as iron oxides, which are also animal-based.

One of the best things about cruelty-free products is that they are so inexpensive that you can even buy a bottle of eye serum to keep your eyes looking great all day long. This way, you never have to worry about smudging eyelashes, and constantly reapplying mascara to maintain the look you want. and need.

There are several cruelty free mascara products out there that don’t irritate your skin, which means you don’t need to worry about causing damage to your eyelids and skin while wearing mascara, and eyeliner. You’ll also save hundreds of dollars, which is always nice when trying to cut costs.

Some cruelty-free mascaras aren’t really mascara at all, but just a moisturizing eye gel, for example, because animal-derived ingredients have been known to clog the eyes and cause redness. Some of the other cruelty-free products include a lip gloss that’s specially formulated to nourish the lips, and a mascara that’s supposed to create dramatic lengthening effects.

Make sure to read the labels on the different brands of mascara before you buy. Check out what each has to say about the use of each ingredient, especially if you’re allergic to any of them.

There are some products on the market that aren’t cruelty-free, but will still use animal-derived ingredients anyway, like sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a degreasing agent, because it makes the mascara more pliable. that way.

If you’re still unsure about buying cruelty-free makeup, talk to a professional. Make sure you find one that’s certified by the Better Business Bureau and that doesn’t have any complaints against it.

If you can’t afford to buy a new mascara every two weeks, you can make do with some old mascara. Make sure to get the kind that has no mineral oil, because these can clump up, clog the eyes, and create problems with the eyes.

Make sure to rinse the mascara off after you’ve put it in, and let it sit for at least fifteen minutes before you put anything else on your eyelid. if you use a water-based mascara. If you use a gel, it may take longer to dry, so it’s better to leave it on your eyelid overnight.

Be sure to clean your hands after you wash your face, and make sure that you remove your makeup before going to bed. so that you won’t have any bacteria or dirt building up in your pores, causing you to get a pimple.

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