Is Cruelty Free Cosmetics an oxymoron? 

 October 5, 2020

By  Root Minerals

Unfortunately, many cruelty free cosmetics brands aren’t required by law to say whether or not they only test on non-animals. This is why we have compiled this short list of cruelty-free makeup companies to help you reach your beauty goals in the safest and most ethical way possible.

Cruelty free makeup is made with ingredients that are tested on animals before they are released into the consumer marketplace. These ingredients are usually tested on mice and rats, but may also be tested on rabbits, rats, birds, or even chickens.

Some brands will provide their customers with a label that says that they are “cruelty free”, but do not always include the word “test” on their labels. It is important to note that no animal testing is required of cosmetics. Most manufacturers will have some type of statement stating that the cosmetics were tested on animals before they were sent out for retail. The word “tested on” must appear on the label.

Companies that are cruelty-free make all of their products using plant-based and/or animal-based ingredients. Some products may contain only one or two different types of ingredients; however, a majority of these products will include one or more of the following ingredients: beeswax, petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin, lanolin, and lanolin alcohol. However, they will not include any animal-derived ingredient. This is the most common form of animal-derived ingredient.

Cruelty free skin care products contain a variety of plant-based ingredients that are derived from natural sources and are commonly found in nature. Common ingredients include babassu wax, macadamia oil, cocoa butter, Shea butter, and grape seed oil.

Cruelty free makeup does not include any artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives, dyes, and synthetic fragrances. All other ingredients are derived from plant-based sources, such as Babassu wax, macadamia oil, and grape seed oil.

Cruelty free makeup companies will always tell you that all ingredients are tested on animals. In most cases they will provide you with a detailed explanation of what the testing was for, such as, “The compound was tested on a guinea pig and observed under a microscope to determine which substances would cause a reaction in the animal’s skin.”

Cruelty free cosmetics are made without any harmful chemicals or dyes or fragrances. All of their products will be made with plant-based or animal-derived ingredients.

Cruelty free cosmetics brands will not use any mineral oils, paraffin, petrolatum, or dyes. They will not use any synthetic fillers, binders, or moisturizers. The only components they do use are plant based or animal derived ingredients, such as Babassu wax, macadamia oil, and grape seed oil.

Cruelty free cosmetics companies will tell you that their products do not contain alcohol. However, it is important to note that the alcohol level in their products may be less than one percent. Most companies use alcohol because it is an inexpensive solvent and allows them to create a thin and watery texture.

Cruelty free cosmetics brands will not include any perfumes, colognes, shampoos, gels, or conditioners. These are used as an afterthought, because they are drying and do not provide the moisture that the skin needs.

Cruelty free cosmetics companies do not use animal or synthetic fragrances. Their fragrance oils are plant-based and are derived from the essential oils of plant-based plants and trees.

When shopping for a cruelty-free cosmetics brand, you can find many companies that are willing to answer any questions you may have. Some companies, such as Avon, provide online customer service and email newsletters.

While many animal cruelty lawsuits are initiated by the pet owners themselves, some cases are initiated by the companies themselves. They receive many complaints about animal cruelty and then they attempt to defend themselves by proving that their products do not cause animal suffering or death. Therefore, most companies will offer a money back guarantee if they are proven to be responsible for animal abuse.

Cruelty free cosmetics companies also make it a point to provide information about the ingredients in their products. This information should be clearly stated in their product labels, along with the name of the manufacturer. It should also be clearly stated on their website. Any information that is found to be misleading should be removed from your next purchase.

Cruelty free cosmetics is not an oxymoron. You do not have to sacrifice your health and safety in order to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle, and to look good and feel great.

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