Cruelty Free Makeup – What it Means 

 October 28, 2020

By  Root Minerals

Cruelty free makeup is a relatively new category, which has been growing in popularity in recent years. While the term itself seems to be relatively new, it is actually very old. In fact, it is a combination of two words: cruelty-free from animal testing.

Cruelty free makeup is a niche group consisting of all makeup that have not yet been tested on animals. The Federal Food and Drug Administration have not yet defined a clear legal definition that binds the term cruelty-free to a specific set of guidelines. For many years, companies that claimed to be cruelty-free simply did not use ingredients that had been tested on animals; they instead applied the term to their products that contained only natural ingredients. Today, most cruelty-free products contain natural, plant-based ingredients that are derived from plant-based sources.

The phrase “cruelty-free makeup” is an oxymoron in that products that are not tested on animals or have only natural ingredients cannot be truly cruelty-free. These types of makeup are simply not as safe or effective as those made with animal-derived ingredients. Some companies claim that their products do not cause any type of allergic reaction in users; however, the most common reactions to these types of makeup are irritation or redness. These reactions may even make a person break out further! While the majority of companies that claim to be cruelty-free will tell you that their products do not contain any type of allergens, these products are not effective for people with allergies.

Cruelty free makeup is becoming more popular each year, but is not exactly a hot selling item. Many women feel that they should not have to wear makeup that has been tested on or can be harmful to animals or children. Even if a company claims that their products are not tested on animals, the fact remains that animals were still made to test their makeup. This is another reason that consumers should be wary of any company that says that their product is cruelty-free.

In addition to not using animal derived ingredients, many cruelty-free makeup products also do not contain any form of alcohol or any other irritants, preservatives, fragrances, dyes, or colorants. The manufacturers of the majority of these products use plant based ingredients. which do not pose a risk to children or animals, but still create a barrier against water absorption.

Cosmetics produced in the U.S. are required to state that all of the products contained are completely safe. This is important, because many companies will say that their products are cruelty-free when they know that the ingredient list contains a dangerous chemical, but will not state that the product is completely safe. There are a few exceptions, and some of these products contain a small amount of alcohol or other irritating ingredients, but they are still considered to be cruelty-free makeup.

While the phrase “cruelty-free makeup” is a misnomer, there are products out there that are entirely free from any form of animal derived ingredients and are completely safe for use on the skin. These products are usually more affordable than other brands. They include mineral foundation, powder foundations, eye shadows, blush, and liquid liners.

No matter what the term “cruelty free” may indicate, consumers should remember that they should avoid purchasing any makeup that contains animal-derived ingredients. If a company’s website does not state that their products are cruelty-free, ask for information on the products that they currently carry. from customers.

Most companies that advertise themselves as cruelty-free will also provide customers with a small amount of information regarding the types of ingredients that are used in their products. There are some companies that will provide an organic label to their products. If the label states “Vegan” and does not include any animal-derived ingredients, then it is likely that the company is not using any animal derived ingredients.

Products that state that they are not tested on animals may actually contain a small amount of animal derived ingredients. However, these products will most likely contain mineral oil, alcohols, parabens, fragrance, or dyes. to name just a few. These ingredients are generally safe for use on the skin, but they are not considered cruelty-free by the cosmetics industry.

Consumers who are interested in cruelty-free makeup should make sure that the cosmetics that they purchase are made from plant-based ingredients. These products are considered to be cruelty-free because they are not tested on animals or on humans.

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